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Project   Bates College New Dormitory | Lewiston, Maine
Overview   Bates College dedicated its new 150-student residence complex. The project enhances student life and the mission of the college. The design addressed the interests that informed the building’s design, from ensuring a good visual fit with nearby houses to the many “green” features.
The residential idea underlying the building is a hybrid of traditional dorm and suite layouts - known at Bates as a “cluster.” Sleeping eight to 14 students, each cluster includes a common lounge and several single or double bedrooms. Where bedrooms in a typical dorm suite open onto a common room, the Bates version interposes a corridor between the two. Students walk down a corridor to get to the cluster’s lounge, a configuration offering enough space to hang out with close friends while encouraging new connections with others on the floor and in the building.
Client   Bates College
Cost   $14 million
Type   Academic
Services   Work performed as Senior Project Architect while with SBRA, Boston