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Project   Granada Mall Extension | Riyadh, KSA
Overview   The project  includes two new buildings, the north and south  extensions located on the stern ends of the  existing mall. The mall is located in Riyadh on the  east ring road leading to King Khaled International  Airport, in Riyadh. The two new wings have a  total building area of 67.500 m2 which   include
34.000 m2 of leasable space with the residual  dedicated to services and infrastructure. The  new commercial area will offer 143 new shops of  various sizes, 3 mega entertainment spaces and  a complete floor dedicated for restaurants and  coffee shops. On completion Granada Mall will  attain a total built up area of 204,500 m2, making  it one of the largest malls in the KSA.
Client   Saudi General Organization for Social Insurance
Cost   $79 million (Estimated value)
Type   Public
Services   Work performed as Project Manager with DAR, Riyadh, KSA